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The main thesis or theme of this book is very simple...

It is a consciousness shift into higher perception, but one that can easily be made by most people with even a modicum of intelligence. If one reads no further than this introduction, this book can be summed up as such: That that which is revealed in Holy Scripture- in the Torah, the Gospel and the Koran- originates from a highly advanced, extraterrestrial/alien civilization, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Heaven. I make specific reference to these 3 great monotheistic (belief in One God) religions, because I believe they collectively define the proper "cosmology" which Mankind is embedded in and is transiting through on this planet at this hour. This is not to debase, degrade or delegitimize other worldly religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism or Taoism- they all have their place in human and cosmic affairs- it is just that this author has resonance with the truth, teachings and revelations as specifically revealed by Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

I will also be drawing from the secular/scientific perspective in regards to the search and existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence in the Universe, as well as exploring the interdimensional realms and advanced terrestrial antigravitic 'black budget' craft and technologies that exist on Earth today.

The UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomenon will most certainly be analyzed, explored and exposed from both a religious and scientific perspective. In fact, it is from the integration of both the religious and scientific perspectives in regards to the search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence that the central core truths of this book can be fully realized and understood within their proper contexts.

The discovery, revelation and existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence on Earth is certainly a defining moment for humanity at this most critical hour in human history. For not only does a higher form of life exist in the cosmos, in my opinion, it is interacting with us as a species on a daily basis and has been engaged in our evolution since time immemorial.

Holy Scripture will provide the primary foundation for the religious perspective and modern day Astrophysics, Astronomy, Astrobiology and Advanced Aviation Science and Technology will provide the primary foundation for the scientific perspective. Secondary sources for the scientific perspective will include the paranormal/psychic/interdimensional realms which will be explored and detailed in the forthcoming chapters.

As the Kingdom of Heaven is increasingly seen as a highly advanced extraterrestrial/alien civilization from a scientific perspective, so too will the collective consciousness of humanity gain from the integration of both science and religion. For this also translates into a unification of the collective rational and intuitive mind, from which human intelligence can henceforth evolve higher and upwards above and beyond the current path of planetary destruction which we are now treading.

It is my hope that the human species will eventually learn to come to grips with the realization and truth that an actual extraterrestrial presence exists and is operating in our midst today on Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven, as revealed in Holy Scripture, is, in fact, an extraterrestrial presence in our Universe and is quickly emerging to externalize itself as the foretold "Day of Heavenly Judgement" when the dreaded and prophesized heavenly invasion unfolds. For this is an angelic WAR in the heavenly realms that will be fought and won by a cosmic power, intelligence and authority from on High, commanded, orchestrated and executed by a Supreme Extraterrestrial/Alien Presence that our feeble, inexperienced and unrefined human hearts and minds can only naively label as "God".

Let it be duly noted that I believe that most (if not all) of the ET craft and supernatural apparitions known as "UFO" sightings today are demonic in origin and draw from the 1/3rd of the heavenly host who fell from heaven with LUCIFER long ago as detailed in Holy Scripture.

Further, it is my contention that this whole cosmic drama is part of the evolutionary scheme for humankind to evolve into a progressively higher culture, civilization and means of existence. The angelic rebellion has, in effect, provided the platform through which successive stages of human rebelliousness and adolescence have been able to advance toward overall species maturity through time and space.

To this end, The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion, soon to be executed by a highly advanced intelligence and presence in our Universe, is the culmination of billions of years of evolution and the crowning achievement and victory of light, consciousness and life over that which is inanimate and regressive throughout the Cosmos...

Steven Craig Jones
Mount Shasta, California USA
October 11th, 2011