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Chapter 9

Exopolitics and the Disclosure Project

"Maximum security exists concerning the subject of UFOs."

-Former CIA Director Allen Dulles

Simply stated, "exopolitics" refers to the political implications of the interdimensional extraterrestrial presence among us. The Disclosure Project refers to a loosely coordinated effort by concerned individuals within the military, corporate and scientific communities, along with ufologists and the general public, to hold open, secrecy-free disclosure hearings on the UFO/Extraterrestrial presence on and around us here on Earth. Both the exopolitics and disclosure project campaigns obviously go hand in hand, in so far as a public disclosure of the existence of alien life forms other than our own will undoubtedly have profound political ramifications, not only for national and international institutions and governments around the world, but for the entire human race as well.

Politically speaking, the eventual disclosure of an alien/ET presence on Earth will literally transform national and international relations between peoples, nations and governments alike. Currently, there is a literal dictatorship regarding knowledge of the ET presence on Earth locked up tightly within the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. Black budget programs involving stargate technology, antigravitic propulsion, teleportation capabilities and interdimensional communications between fallen angelic entities, both on the dark and light sides, are all classified as "above top secret", highly compartmentalized and are largely hidden from public scrutiny. The general public has little or no understanding of the ET presence other than what the television, book, radio and hollywood media empire tell them.

What this means is that there is no accountability, no democracy and no informed consent among the governed about the affairs and interests of the "secret government" that currently rules by stealth behind the scenes. This has huge implications regarding the existence and disclosure of ET life already here on Earth, as well as keeping hidden the diabolically evil nature these beings exhibit when interfacing with the human species in general. This is especially true regarding the 'light' side of the ET equation, for it must be remembered that Lucifer disguises himself as an "angel of light". Ditto for those higher fallen angelic light forces who play off the dialectically dark fallen angelic forces who have done so much damage to Mankind and the Earth since antiquity.

A simple metaphor of the dark/light angelic interaction can be found in what is terrestrially known as 'corporate greenwashing', where businesses come in promulgating a new green image so as to assuage the concerns of the public that they actually care for the environment. In actual terms, the seek higher profits while retaining their environmental hypocrisy and escalating their plunder of the biosphere. No where can this be better witnessed than with the political election of Barack Hussein Obama in the USA. He came in promising an end to war, a reversal of the constitutionally destructive policies of George W Bush and the robust construction of a new green economy. All of these promises, along with many others, were reversed or abandoned once he got into office. As with any politician who comes in promoting 'change we can believe in', they ALL serve the same source, and in the fallen angelic realm, that source refers to none other than Lucifer himself.

Other political implications of the ET presence on Earth concerns the build-up and continuation of the global military machine and a redefinition of who or what is actually the REAL enemy. Terrestrial enemy justifications aside, it is quite obvious that those political interests and government officials who are currently benefiting from the non-disclosure of the existence of alien life in our midst, have everything to gain by keeping the issue monopolized and hidden from public oversight. The same goes for the technologies that are enabling the $1.5 trillion dollar global military empire to communicate and exchange information with the fallen angelic kingdom they are obviously in contact with. There would also seem to be a huge interest in keeping antigravitic technology out of the hands of the world's masses, since it would transform the terrestrial war industry into a cooperative military venture by helping to meet the energy needs of the civilian global economy.

Antigravitic propulsion, once unleashed, would launch the human species to the stars with a practical means of interstellar travel, yet its means of interdimensional teleportation would reveal the true identity of the so-called "benign" angelic presence in our midst, something by all accords could never be allowed, both by terrestrial and extraterrestrial powers and principalities now operating clandestinely and secretly behind the scenes on Earth today.

The global war industry and its ultra black interdimensional high technology and weaponry will no doubt continue to metastasize to its fullest capacity on into the foreseeable future. For the REAL enemy is the highly prophesized and highly lethal ET presence known as the 'Kingdom of Heaven' that is quickly emerging to ultimately invade and overthrow the evil, wicked kingdoms on and above this planet. A world without space weapons, antigravitic military craft and interdimensional warfare capabilities would be a world at peace, something the powers that be would never allow to happen.

The extraterrestrial presence on Earth today has direct political implications for keeping the global war machine fully operational and staffed by the best and the brightest in the terrestrial world. This, of course, translates into funding and electing politicians who will do the bidding of the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. And so it is, and remains, today.

Galvanizing and cultivating the wealth, prosperity, intellectual genius and creative innovative capital of the human enterprise for the purposes of conducting an interdimensional war in the heavens on behalf of Lucifer and his fallen angelic host is why the global war machine goes unchallenged. For this is the emerging BEAST system of Revelations as noted in Holy Scripture. For who shall be able to make war with it?

The public disclosure of the alien/ET presence in our midst does retain the probability that those interdimensional fallen angelic entities who are currently overshadowing, manipulating and directing the fallen affairs of Mankind, will be exposed and revealed for the malevolent beings that they truly are. To this end, terrestrial efforts geared towards full disclosure of the ET interface with the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex is justified and a necessary precondition towards the ultimate goal of bringing down these evil, wicked empires- both on Earth and in the ethereal realms. The very same can be said for unleashing the black budget antigravitic technology now locked up within the bowels of this BEAST system. In fact, antigravity energy and technology is the key energy source that will wean the human enterprise off the global oil spigot and transform our global economy into one that can survive the global environmental threats and tribulations of the 21st century. Without antigravity, it is highly likely that the consequences of rapid global climate change will seriously undermine the ability of the human race to survive this particular crisis.

There are two key organizations today working on the exopolitics/ET disclosure issue. In the emerging field of exopolitics, it is Michael Salla based on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA, who has done the most to bring this issue to the fore. His book, "Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence", describes a massive global cover-up of the ET presence on Earth. Dr Salla speaks out for full government disclosure of ET's and makes the case for open public policy regarding the alien/extraterrestrial presence operating clandestinely in our midst among us today.

Dr Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project and CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), has written numerous books on the hidden ET presence on Earth. His books include; Extraterrestrial Contact: the Evidence and Implications, Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge and Contact: Countdown to Transformation.

Both authors have done a tremendous amount of work and research on the political and disclosure related aspects of the interdimensional/extraterrestrial presence operating secretly behind the scenes on our planet today. I personally have attended talks with both of these researchers and can attest to their dedication, perseverance, interest and passion in breaking the bonds of the ET conspiracy and informing the people and nations of the world that actual contact with alien life has, in fact, been made.

Although i differ on some fundamental tenets of their writings, understandings and research on the ET presence, their work, nevertheless, remains a viable and worthy undertaking to pursue with regards to breaking the iron grips the global military machine has on the psychological and technological aspects of the fallen angelic presence operating clandestinely through in and through out our world today.

The REAL secret global political power structure exercising its influence throughout the peoples and nations of the world are not primarily the physical people, institutions and governments that the average citizen sees with his/her eyes, they are the invisible interdimensional/extraterrestrial fallen angelic powers and principalities who overshadow, direct, possess and control the majority of the hearts and minds of humanity. Because they operate invisibly, secretly and surreptitiously behind the veil, their concealment remains their strongest suit of defense against opposing forces attempting to reveal their presence and illegitimate authority to continue to ruthlessly rule and reign over the sovereign affairs of Mankind. As a response to buck the tide of disclosure and the growing awareness from the masses as to their true purpose and identity, they are feverishly working through their human counterparts to build and institute a global fascist police state. An authoritarian, technocratic, spy and surveillance police state control grid is being rapidly built and instituted throughout the world today to ultimately criminalize dissent and shut down the many voices that speak out against the spiritual tyranny and oppression that originates from this multidimensional fallen angelic kingdom.

Although these demonic forces continue to resonate with the debased, deluded and lower despotic instincts of the chemically, psychically, psychologically and spiritually controlled general populace, there is also growing awareness among the people that there is a systematic societal and civilizational breakdown and collapse in the making. There is a 'gut-feeling' among many that something is terribly wrong with the way the world is progressing, in so far as it affects the survival, health, well being and spiritual viability of the average world citizen.

The human species is on the very cusp of learning, en mass, that a physical and spiritual prison planet control system is being built up and constructed around them with the intent to enslave and imprison them.

The personal, political and planetary disclosure of a fallen angelic matrix of evil influencing and directing the current fallen affairs of Man will eternally shatter the legitimacy and authority of the terrestrial and extraterrestrial web of control that is being imposed upon the human species at this hour. This is why the exopolitics and disclosure projects are so vital.

Exopolitics work will continue to define the political impact and implications of the fallen ET presence around us. Whether through citizen awareness, state and national acknowledgment, or by international decree, the disclosure of an alien race of beings interacting, interfacing and controlling the destiny and evolution of Mankind, will eventually earn full recognition, its just a matter of time. The Disclosure Project work will ultimately liberate the consciousness and technology that will help free humanity and the planet from the material and spiritual chains it is now bound with.

At this most critical juncture and fateful hour in the evolution of the human species, it is no coincidence that the presence and existence of extraterrestrial life is now in the process of being fully disclosed. Surely an 'omega point' will soon arise along the 3rd dimensional space/time continuum that will fully reveal the fact to everyone that we are not alone in the Universe. I believe that point, ultimately, will be the 'Day of Heavenly Judgment' as prophesized in all Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran). On that Day a highly advanced extraterrestrial Type 4 civilization will definitively and decisively reveal itself unto all flesh as it carries out the complete overthrow and punishment of the evil forces- both human and angelic- that have caused so much needless and useless pain and suffering upon the Earth throughout human history.