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Chapter 6

"I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real"

-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

UFO's, Aliens and Fallen Angels

Stated forthright and without doubt, most UFO sightings around the world today, apart from those that are terrestrially made 'black budget' anti-gravitic craft, are indeed, fallen angelic entities entering our 3rd dimensional space/time continuum.

Again, these demonic creatures originate from the 1/3rd of the heavenly host who fell with Lucifer during the "Fall" as recorded in Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran). Thousands upon thousands of angels were cast down to Earth during this celestial event when they joined Lucifer in rebellion against God.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, these beings reside in higher interdimensional realms above and beyond our physical plane of reality. This interdimensional universe, is of course, completely invisible to our normal perception, yet it exists nonetheless. The fallen angelic entities who reside in these domains interact with humanity on a spiritual energetic level. In other words, the resonate and "feed" off the life force of an individual or community of individuals with the purpose of enslaving hearts and minds, as well as ensuring that spiritual consciousness and control of the planetary vibrational prison that they have constructed remains in operation.

The field of UFO/Alien research is quite extensive. Much of it is based in ultra top secret national security compartmentalization, New Age ideology and pseudo-scientific inquiry for the purpose of propagating disinformation to the public. Some of it based on a scriptural perspective. The following authors and researchers have addressed the UFO/Alien/Fallen Angel enigma from a scriptural analysis; Chuck Missler (Alien Encounters), Lynn Marzulli (The Cosmic Chess Match, Nephilim and Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural), Timothy Dailey (The Millenial Deception: Angels, Aliens and the Antichrist) and Pastor Billy Crone (Online video series: The Final Countdown). Other prominent authors who have researched and covered the UFO/Alien mystery include; David Icke (Humanity: Get Off Your Knees, The Global Conspiracy and Children of the Matrix), Steve Quayle (Angel Wars), Carl Sagan (The Demon Haunted World), Dr Steven Greer (Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and Whitley Streiber (Communion, 2012: War for Souls and The Key: A True Encounter). There are, of course, many, many others who have delved into this issue and written extensively about UFO's, aliens, extraterrestrial contact and the probable existence of advanced life and intelligence throughout the Cosmos.

The Old Testament contains reference to what many consider to be a flying saucer or some sort of description of an advanced UFO/alien craft. In Ezekiel 1:4 to 1:24, reference is made to four living creatures with faces, wings, eyes and wheels within wheels making a noise like that of many waters. These living creatures are, of course, not flying saucers or UFO craft in the traditional sense. They are, in fact, cherubim and seraphim- the highest of the angelic hierarchy under God.

Numerous passages in Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran) describe angels intervening in the affairs of Man. The angel Gabriel came to Mary to give her news of an impending son, two angels visited Lot just before the destruction of the city of Sodom and the descent of fallen angels impregnated early earthy women. These and many other passages confirm that angelic interaction with the human species throughout time has been on-going and continues today with numerous UFO/Alien craft sightings, with the externalization and growing fascination of "spirit guides" and through the creation and dissemination of indoctrination texts such as with the Urantia book and others. The ultimate goal of those forces coming in from the dark side is to undermine the authority of Holy Scripture and distract the world away from the truths it contains. The Exodus story in the Torah, though, remains a model to the world with regards to divine intervention from the positive side of the ET equation.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ himself becomes the ultimate symbol of divine alien or extraterrestrial intervention in the affairs of Mankind. As the representative of a Type 4 civilization, he was baptized by the spirit of God (the Creator), was lifted up in a bright cloud at his transfiguration, had an angel roll back the stone of his tomb, was able to raise the dead and ascended back into heaven when his work was finally finished here on Earth. This was not just a description of an alien/extraterrestrial civilization being revealed and reconciled to the fallen state of Mankind 2000 years ago, this was, and remains today, a guiding principle and law for the development, survival and proper evolution of all intelligent life on Earth on into the foreseeable future.

In the Holy Koran, numerous references are made to the "jinn", another word for demon or fallen angel. The entire Koran is said to have been revealed and dictated to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, the same angel found referenced numerous times both in the Torah and in the Gospel. The Koran describes numerous accounts of angelic interactions and interventions, many of them appearing to counter evil forces and enemy alien strategies and attacks.

UFO's have been seen in a number of shapes, forms and sizes throughout history. They've been seen as flying saucers, cigar and egg shaped objects, giant football field sized vehicles, orbs of various colors and sizes, stars of piercing brightness and as squadrons of craft that both separate and re-unify with themselves in flight. Most cited UFO craft are reported to fly silently and at very high speeds- beyond that of traditional military and civilian aircraft. Most defy traditional laws of physics as we currently understand them.

There have been numerous humanoid looking visitations of creatures recorded over the years taking on the forms of very small men in tight one piece suits, fairies and short grey/reptilian looking beings with large bulging eyes, bald features, hairless skin and a small slit for a mouth. Telepathy seems to be the predominant form of communication. There have been apparitions of tall, beautiful, thin human looking men with long blond hair of nordic descent phasing in and out of our 3rd dimensional reality at will. The so-called "ascended masters" primarily impart their wisdom, messages and divine presence through the use of psychics and mediums with the intent to prepare humanity for a future ascension into some higher evolutionary vibrational state of consciousness and being. Usually, such activity results in a false dialectical rebuke of lower fallen angelic forces and a higher order concentration and continuation of dark, demonic authority and rule over the collective consciousness of the human species. Although these higher fallen angelic forces come in the name of light, liberation and release from from lower levels of destructive consciousness, they deceptively work to further entrap and manipulate the hearts and minds of the upright and twist their good intentions and souls into serving Lucifer's plans and schemes for ultimate world domination, rule and control.

One of the greatest deceptive elements the fallen angelic hierarchy uses in its campaign to enslave, control and deceive the masses concerns the means and rationale through which they often enter our 3rd dimensional reality. Often they present themselves as "extraterrestrials" having come in from distant star systems scattered throughout the galaxy. These so-called extraterrestrial "aliens" have been known to reveal that they originate from the Pleiades, Zeti Reticuli, Arcturus, Aldebaran and Sirius, among others. I believe they principally manifest as flying saucer-like craft (and other vehicular forms) to perceptively justify this image to the observer and further consolidate a future planned scheme to use the government disclosure and "contact" with alien/extraterrestrial life paradigm as a means to unify a coming Luciferian-based world empire.

UFO's have long been associated with crop circles, alien abductions and the psychic/astral/paranormal realm. There have been instances where so-called 'UFO craft' have been seen hovering over nuclear weapons silos and disrupting their operational status. Movies such as ET, Independence Day, 2001, and Close Encounters with the Third Kind reinforce the idea that aliens are now a central part of what it now means to live in the modern Space Age.

As apparitionally and interdimensionally manifested signs from the skies, UFO's are increasingly being seen as some form of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence making its presence widely known throughout the world today. They are even increasingly being seen as "gods" coming in to rescue a human civilization on the brink of its own probable self-destruction. In a sense, UFO's represent a divine presence comparable to a religious experience which gives most people a sense of hope, unity, salvation and wholeness in an otherwise broken, dysfunctional, highly troubled and fragmented world. I would postulate that that is precisely why they are here- to draw the collective human psyche into allegiance and alliance with their higher angelic/demonic plans to construct a unified One World Government in service to the present "god" of this world: Lucifer.

There are remarkable parallels between UFO sightings and descriptions of human encounters with spiritual entities throughout human history. One of the most famous was the apparition of the so-called "Blessed Virgin Mary" to the 3 young sisters of Fatima, Portugal back in October, 1917. During this strange encounter, thousands witnessed the sun appearing to change colors and rotate like a wheel. Others witnessed a huge silver disc the size of the sun make impossible maneuvers and supernaturally dry out a crowd of gatherers that had previously been thoroughly drenched by preceding rain showers.

Jacques Vallee, one of the most insightful modern UFO researchers in the world, has concluded, "We are not dealing with successive waves of visitations from space, we are dealing with a control system". Governments are very reluctant to release classified UFO information to the public because it would force theologians and religious authorities alike to ultimately confront the fact that these UFO/extraterrestrial sightings and visitations are demonic in origin and an indoctrinational applecart they are unwilling or are unable to upset under current standards of religious orthodoxy. On a scientific/technological level, it would force disclosure of highly advanced, terrestrially made and manufactured antigravitic 'black budget' craft that are primarily being used today for clandestine spy and surveillance operations throughout the world, without the public's knowledge or consent. I would also contend that these advanced craft are being used to establish and maintain secret bases on both the Moon and Mars.

Human civilization is now poised on the cusp of learning to come to grips with the continuing alien/extraterrestrial presence in our midst today. At this point in our collective evolution as a species, the cat is already out of the bag. UFO's, aliens and extraterrestrials in the form of fallen angelic entities have been identified and discerned for who and what they are from scriptural canon. As well, a highly advanced Type 4 civilization and intelligence has been interfacing and interacting with humanity since time immemorial, and in all likelihood, are our progenitors. In a sense, we are being created, grown, midwifed and harvested as sentient life forms into universal brotherhood (or eternal damnation) with other highly evolved life forms and civilizations throughout the Cosmos. Quite a prospect... but to what end?

Irregardless, the cosmic drama unfolding before us in this time is one of incredible pain, destruction, tribulation and deception. UFO's are aliens as well as interdimensional fallen angelic entities of high craft and cunning. Although these creatures will continue to have their way with us in the short time to come, Holy Scripture has also been given to us to learn how to discern right from wrong and to develop a spirit contrary to the current ways of this wicked world- which are but a mere sport and a pass time according to the Holy Koran. The real life is that world which is to come.