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Chapter 5

Interdimensional Universe

“For the wise man looks into space and he knows there are no limited dimensions.”

-Lao Tzu

Both physicists and theologians alike are coming to the conclusion that we are living in a multidimensional universe. Whether its called interdimensional, hyperdimensional, ultradimensional, multidimensional, a parallel universe or universes, or multiverse etc..., there seems to be other realities in sync with our own, yet they exist on a different plane or dimension of existence.

Many books, articles and papers have been written on the subject of an interdimensional universe. Authors and books such as; Paul Davies (The Mind of God), Michio Kaku (Hyperspace), Jacques Vallee (Dimensions), Philip Imbrogno (Interdimensional Universe), Dean Radin (The Conscious Universe), Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe) and Fred Allan Wolf (Taking the Quantum Leap) immediately come to mind. In addition, Richard Feyman, John Wheeler, Stephen Hawking, Lee Smolin, and Max Tegmark, among many, many others, have put forth many multiverse hypotheses in cosmology and advanced hyperdimensional physics.

To state it bluntly and up front, this is a very difficult subject to try to comprehend and address. Universal interdimensionality has many psychic, paranormal, scriptural, new age and advanced physics connotations and avenues of inquiry associated with it. In many ways, this chapter is an attempt to delve into the very nature and fabric of reality.

I begin with what was commonly referred to as the Philadelphia Experiment. Apparently a "cloaking" experiment occurred back in October, 1943 that involved rendering invisible a US warship, the USS Eldridge. Known as Project Rainbow, this project used high frequency generators to literally put this entire warship into another dimension. Witnesses testified that the ship was subsequently teleported 200 miles away, entered a strange other-worldly environment, encountered creatures with insect like appearances, traveled back in time and returned with crew members fused into bulkheads of the ship. Many surviving crew members suffered consequential mental disorders. Now, this experiment occurred back in 1943. What exists today is obviously much, much more advanced and exists in the form of what can only be operationally referred to as interdimensional "stargates". These high tech interdimensional portals are most likely functioning as conduits between this world and the hyperdimensional environment of the fallen angelic realm that permeates the physical space that is all around us. I believe the US military, predominantly, has made extensive contact with interdimensional beings over the years using sophisticated stargate technology and has even gone so far as to classify them as greys, reptilians, nordics etc...

Other means of entering and moving through this medium of interdimensional space include such paranormal activity as remote viewing, astral travel, lucid dreaming, NDE (Near Death Experiences), OBE (Out of Body Experiences), and through the use of hallucinogens such as with LSD, DMT and Ayahuasca.

The interdimensional universe we are enmeshed in has particular relevance in relation to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's), which i contend are only apparitional piercings of the veil that separates our 3rd dimensional space/time world from higher and more refined universal dimensions or planes of reality. I believe that most, if not all, of the UFO sightings since antiquity are the externalizations or interdimensional apparitions of fallen angelic entities. This reference to fallen angels is recorded in Holy Scripture as the "Fall" of Lucifer from heaven along with 1/3rd of the heavenly host, from which we get the majority of sightings. This is not to be confused with sightings of advanced antigravitic terrestrial craft manufactured and test flown at Top Secret Military bases throughout the world. Sightings of these types of craft have also been on the increase since their inception during the World War 2 era.

These fallen angelic entities are typically seen as UFO "craft", light forms and/or otherly world beings, and exist in higher dimensions or invisible parallel universes in sync with our own. Because these apparitions are not completely physical in the sense that we know and define something as physically solid, we experience UFO's as traveling silently at very high speeds and making seemingly impossible directional maneuvers.

Reality is multifaceted, with many different dimensions encompassing its totality. These dimensions range from the densest form of material matter to the highest, most subtle planes of light, consciousness, intelligence and existence. Far beyond what we human beings see and experience in the material world lies an entire spectrum of reality beyond the physical plane of existence that is literally closed off to normal human senses and perception. Thus said, here are some qualities and characteristics of those who, in one manner or another, have experienced higher dimensional planes of existence:

1. You never want to go back to the lower levels of experience which are the physical levels of the observable universe. This is especially true with those who have gone through near-death experiences.

2. Colors are surreal. The colors that one sees are much more vivid, brilliant and intense than they are in 3rd dimensional physical reality.

3. Thoughts are expressed in manifestational form. Thoughts appear and disappear as patterns of light and sound.

4. Opposite that of the physical domain, reality is fluid, timeless, kaleidoscopic and abstract to the extreme.

5. Consciousness is manifested into creations. Creations are able to take the form of angels, saucers, craft of any shape and divine apparitions. These creations are brought into existence through various levels of light, color, sound, octave, frequency and vibration.

6. Communication through verbal words is restrictive. Feelings and projections of love, compassion, happiness, understanding and empathy is how communication is achieved. The reverse is true for negative thoughts, emotions and desires by means of telepathy.

7. The highest dimensions of reality are filled with infinite and unconditional love and universal peace. Beings and localized fields of consciousness with a lower, more negative vibrational state are not able to enter or exist in these higher dimensions.

8. Individuality is non-existent. You lose all feelings of separateness from everything and everyone else. A union with various energetic vibrations of consciousness, intelligence and purpose is achieved.

These characteristics are some of the many experienced in what we can naively label as 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional planes of reality. I choose these labels cautiously, one, because they correspond to the 7 primary colors of the rainbow and, two, because they are referenced in many informational sources throughout the world's study and literature on this subject. With regard to scriptural passage reference on these labels, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that either a 7 dimensions model or a "7 heavens" reality above and beyond a 3rd dimensional physical world- bringing the total to 10- may be the more precise codification. There might as well be an infinite number of dimensions, recognizing the infinite nature of the Universe, but for our limited comprehension and clarification, a 7th dimensional model proves useful.

Higher dimensions are often referred to as astral planes, spirit realms and invisible states of consciousness, light and being. What separates them from one another are levels of frequency, sound, color, vibration, octave, intelligence and energy.

Mayan interdimensional cosmology defines multidimensional consciousness as the ability to be "conscious" in more than one dimension. Superconsciousness or supraconsciousness is a higher order of consciousness and being that learns to simultaneously exist in higher dimensions of reality. A first dimensional consciousness corresponds to that of the dense mineral kingdom. A second dimensional consciousness takes on that of the plant and animal kingdom. A third dimensional consciousness is based in point, line, length, breadth, width and volume geometrics and is locked in a space/time and cause/effect paradigm of reality. A fourth dimensional consciousness, according to mayan cosmology, is defined as existence in the astral/etheric dimensional plane where past, present and future time vectors are less defined and more fluid because the laws of space and time are changed. This fourth dimensional astral plane is the realm of dreams, psychic phenomenon, intuition, time travel and spiritual manifestation. We navigate our travel in and out of the fourth dimension with our thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions. The Australian Aborigines call this realm the dreamtime. Lastly, a fifth dimensional consciousness corresponds to a unified state of being where there is no separation or limitation, but only the constant experience of the oneness of God/creation/all that is. The primary characteristic of this dimension is that all life forms take on androgynous stellar light bodies. Fear and lower negative vibrational qualities cannot survive the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension. As space and time are transcended in this dominion, every being, place, situation or location is instantly manifest.

Although Mayan cosmology is limited to five definable dimensions, it nonetheless details what a multidimensional universe might look like. Five dimensions aside, we might as well expand it to a 7 dimensional model or even to an infinite level of domains, depending on the observer's preference and perspective.

The existence of invisible hyperdimensional beings/aliens/entities, which i contend are of the hierarchy of the fallen angelic host who fell with Lucifer at the "Fall", is enigmatically recorded in certain parts of Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran), specifically in the Book of Enoch. It is my belief that these interdimensional creatures "feed" off the energy vibrations of all sentient life on Earth. To the degree that negative thoughts, emotions and states of lower consciousness exist, so to do the lower rungs of the fallen angelic hierarchy rule and reign over humanity. To the degree that human consciousness evolves into a higher state of consciousness and vibration, so too do the rungs of the higher fallen angelic hierarchy gain ascendancy. This is an important point since it must be remembered that Lucifer's Kingdom uses the problem-reaction-solution paradigm as its dialectical form of evolutionary advancement with regards to interfacing and interacting with the human species. Therefore, the interdimensional fallen angelic kingdoms are generally divided into 'dark' and 'light' or 'good' and 'evil' houses, if you will, dominating the 4th and 5th dimensions respectively. Using a 7th dimensional model based on Holy Scripture, the 6th and 7th houses may be reserved for those higher level demonic beings who oversee and orchestrate the "divine plan" drama below. Perhaps an inner fallen angelic council resides in the 6th dimension, while Lucifer himself occupies the 7th dimension.

Thus said, i believe we are entering a time when Planet Earth and humanity, in general, are beginning to make a collective shift into the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions of reality. The powers of darkness, divided into a dialectic commonwealth of light and dark angelic forces, are plunging the human enterprise into eventual planetary destruction (as prophesized in Holy Scripture). Remember, Lucifer disguises himself as an "angel of light" and will attempt to come as a savior/christ figure to rectify the global planetary wide destruction he and his fallen angelic host helped to create.

The fallen hierarchy of angelic beings, many times referred to as aliens, UFO's, ascended masters, greys, reptilians, nordics, pleiadians, interdimensional craft and/or extraterrestrial visitors from another star system, are not recent visitors to earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years.

As the frequency and desperation of fear increases upon the planet in the years to come, so too will the higher dimensional forces and entities who resonate with these increased levels of negative frequency gain positions of power and principality on Earth. The so-called historic 2012 Mayan Shift (December 21st, 2012) is only an interdimensional power shift within the fallen angelic hierarchy. It is not designed to free and liberate humanity, but rather to further enslave and control. Increased "light" and "love" will only help unify an already demonically possessed evil world. The "love" of evil will wax strong.

Thus said, it must always be remembered that an interdimensional universe consisting of 7 dimensions (or more), also houses an angelic host, a savior and a Creator that serves the side of good, righteousness, true love, genuine compassion and an end to all human suffering. The coming Kingdom of Heaven is the true extraterrestrial visitation that is scheduled/prophesized to land on Earth in the not to distant future. Right next to the fallen Luciferian Kingdom exists the upright Kingdom of Heaven, both occupying the same universal interdimensional domain of consciousness, light, intelligence and being, yet engaged in completely opposite agendas for the human species. Thus does the grand cosmic drama of progress and evolution unfold...