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Chapter 12

The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion

"I am come to send fire on Earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?"

-Jesus Christ/Luke 12:49

The Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion from on High is the preeminent and impending reality of our time. Recognizing the circumstances and progression of prophetical end time developments and events, the human race is about to witness the complete externalization of an ultra highly advanced Type 4 civilization on the Earth plane in the very near future.

This is an astonishing prospect to behold for the human race, one of the greatest events that will ever unfold in the time line of human history. So pivotal will this intervention be that it will define the evolutionary progression and destiny of Man for the rest of time.

During the heavenly revelation, the human species will be transformed from physical bodies to ethereal light bodies, opening up the prospect of immortality and hyperdimensional travel to the stars, the galaxies and the many mansions beyond. This is the transitional nexus through which 3rd dimensional space/time will be superseded with a higher, lighter, finer dimensional environment for light bodies to exist, prevail and flourish in. The frustrations, limitations and finite attributes of higher density material living and death will have been conquered, never to arise again. Here at this defining moment, human life makes the long awaited shift into infinity. This transformation will apply to those who choose the life of upright, righteous living as well as to those who predominantly adhere to their lower sin based attributes. Both gates of Heaven and Hell will be swung open on the Great Day of Heavenly Judgment while the wheat and the tares will be put in their proper and respective places. There will be punishment for crimes and transgressions committed in Hell, and a Paradise as vast as the heavens for the moral, just and God-fearing. For ALL has been written down in the eternal books on High. It is the Earth itself that has provided the testing grounds through which each human soul is forged and fashioned for their respective paths on into the infinite mystery of the Cosmos.

The foundational texts that undergird, define and document the Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion to Earth are the Holy Bible (consisting of the Torah, Old Testament and the New Testament Gospel), the Book of Enoch (or 1 Enoch) and, of course, the Holy Koran. Within these divinely ordained, sacred and sanctified texts is the celestial intervention to Earth proclaimed in consecrated detail and lethal precision. These are the texts crafted and scripted by divine intelligence to set Mankind upon the path of righteousness, peace and justice in an unlawful, rebellious and retrograde world. Both punishment and redemption are offered, as are the foreseen events that will unfold at the end of days on Earth before the Judgment.

No where are worldly events so stunningly and devastatingly unveiled than in the New Testament Book of Revelations. The Book of Revelations is often referred to as "prophecy central" regarding end time events. Although heavily embedded with symbology, parable and supernatural interpretation and mystery, it is the Book of Revelations in the New Testament Gospel that ultimately proclaims, highlights and extols how and when the Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion will transpire. Therein, the cosmic messenger know as Jesus Christ returns in flaming fire to execute judgment upon the Earth. As a redemptive figure within the Kingdom of Heaven, his ultimate descent to Earth at the end of time usurps the current fallen kingdoms and plutocratic despotism of the planet and eternally establishes a highly advanced interdimensional celestial presence amongst the peoples and nations of the world.

The Messiah's last statement, "Surely, I come quickly", signifies that there are extremely difficult, painful and distressing times ahead for the world, such as never seen or experienced before in all of human history. It is a parting statement of comfort as it is a confirmation of foreseen events. Again, he is the product of a supra advanced Type 4 civilization that has the ability to transcend 3rd dimensional physical space/time constraints and foresee future events on a timeless prophetic scale.

Since more than one half of the current world population (now at 7 billion as of 2012) are adherents to at least one of the 3 great monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, only a very small number of people worldwide are familiar with the Book of Enoch. Therefore, in the interests of heralding and amplifying the works and words of one of the coming two witnesses of Revelations to Earth in these last and evil days, I hereby publish and impart an introductory Apocalyptic prophecy regarding the 'Great Judgment' found in 1 Enoch:

"The Holy One will come forth from His dwelling
And the eternal GOD will tread upon the Earth
(even) on Mount Sinai, and appear from His camp,
and appear in the strength of His might from
the heaven of heavens.

And all shall be smitten with fear,
and the watchers shall quake,
And great fear and trembling shall seize them
unto the ends of the Earth.

And the high mountains shall be shaken,
and the high hills shall be made low,
and shall melt like wax before the flame.

And the Earth shall be wholly rent in asunder
and all that is upon the Earth shall perish
And there shall be a Judgment upon all men.

But with the righteous He will make peace,
and will protect the elect,
and Mercy shall be upon them.

And they shall all belong to God,
and they shall be prospered
and they shall all be blessed.

And He will help them all,
and light shall appear unto them
and He will make peace with them.

And behold! He cometh with ten thousands
of His holy ones, to execute Judgment upon all,
and to destroy all the ungodly:
and to convict all flesh of all the works of
their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed,
and all the hard things which ungodly sinners
have spoken against Him."

For those jews, christians and muslims who know their scriptures, the above passage is sure to resonate well with their respective beliefs. The last verse in this passage is also found in the Book of Jude, for all intents and purposes, the last book of the New Testament Gospel before the final Book of Revelations. As Elijah was announced in the last book of the Old Testament, so is Enoch mentioned in the last book of the New Testament before the final Book of Revelations which acknowledges the ministry of both of these two end time witnesses. Further proof that Enoch and Elijah are indeed the final two witnesses of the Book of Revelations. The above Enochian passage also epitomizes the central motif that a coming alien/extraterrestrial invasion, attack and onslaught from on high is in the immediate wings for the fallen terrestrial and evil angelic hierarchy that currently rules and reigns over the Earth today.

Yes, the incoming force is a Type 4 ultra highly advanced universal civilization. Both scientists and theologians must, and will ultimately, come to the conclusion that the Kingdom of Heaven is ET. NASA and SETI's physical search for extraterrestrial life in the solar system and on other planets is largely just sideshow now, although both missions remain absolutely vital in further helping the human species expand its awareness and comprehension of the Universe.

Extraterrestrial life has been found and its existence and intervention is recorded all throughout Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel and Koran).

We live in an interdimensional Universe, where life forms of every shade, color, frequency and level of intelligence and consciousness reside. UFO's seen today are either top secret 'black budget' antigravitic craft spawned by the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex or they are apparitions of fallen angelic entities entering our planet's 3rd dimensional space/time grid.

As the exopolitical implications of the fallen ET presence gains ascendancy in future global and military affairs throughout the world, so too does the growing disclosure project work seek to expeditiously unleash antigravitic energy and propulsion solutions for the world's energy and environmental crises.

It should be obvious to anyone by now that the Kingdom of Heaven (and its fallen Luciferian angelic offshoots) are extraterrestrial in the truest sense of the word. The two witnesses of Revelations and their respective ministries are a foreshadowing prelude or portent of the Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion from on High that will soon manifest itself on Earth as the Day of Heavenly Judgment as pronounced all throughout Holy Scripture.

Perhaps the greatest key in unlocking our understanding of the ET presence in contemporary and historical affairs is the revelational scripture known as the Holy Koran. With roughly 1.5 billion adherents worldwide, Islam, probably more than any other religion on Earth, develops the razor sharp spiritual discernment qualities within each muslim (those who submit to the will of Allah). With such levels of discernment, an individual learns to decipher truth from lie, knowledge from information and wisdom from knowledge itself. Since Islam and the Holy Koran represent the words and works of the Holy Spirit, we would expect to become beneficiaries of this gift of spiritual discernment, since it is through the Holy Spirit where these qualities are learned and perfected. In fact, the Holy Koran, in and of itself, can be seen as probably being the greatest book on Earth, above and beyond even that of the Bible, since it represents the ultimate perfection of the One True Faith, that is, an adherence to all 3 faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

With such complete comprehension of Holy Scripture (including the Book of Enoch) and the proper spiritual discernment that is thereby accrued, one can easily come to the central core conclusion of this book; that a divine, omnipotent, invincible and very lethal celestial ET invasion or intervention from on high is more than just imminent, it is, in fact, a supreme reality that is slated to fully unfold itself to us here on Earth in the not to distant future.

Finally, it must always be remembered that up to 10 million people were killed in World War 1. Up to 100 million perished in World War 2. World War 3, as prophesized in the Book of Revelations, will most likely be a global thermonuclear war that takes out roughly one third of Mankind (2.3 billion people as of 2012). The final Battle of Armageddon, generally referred to as the Apocalypse, will be THE grand event that prompts the Kingdom of Heaven to intervene, for without the Coming Extraterrestrial Invasion from on High, there would no flesh be saved.