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Chapter 10

The Kingdom of Heaven is ET

"Your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and is firmly established on the throne (of authority):
He draweth the night as a veil over the day, each seeking the other in rapid succession: He created the sun, the moon, and the stars,
(all) governed by laws under His command. Is it not His to create and to govern?
Blessed be Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds!

-The Holy Koran: The Heights 7:54

The central theme of this book is that advanced interdimensional/extraterrestrial life is already here on Earth and that contact has already been made on numerous levels. This advanced alien presence is found recorded all throughout Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran) and has been definitively identified as the Kingdom of Heaven and its offshoots.

From the Kingdom of Heaven, we get the story of the "fall" of Lucifer from heaven with 1/3rd of the heavenly host. These fallen angelic entities have manifested themselves over the years as UFO's, channelings, psychic revelations, as ascended masters and through numerous other paranormal mediums and expressions. Their externalization on Earth in these last days is testament to their existence and a confirmation of the cosmology of all monotheistic faith based religions.

A new paradigm of comprehension and understanding has now emerged with regards to coming to grips with our particular place and purpose in the universe. This new paradigm of higher cosmic consciousness can now be summed up simply, precisely and with great exaltation: The Kingdom of Heaven is ET!

This is an astonishing revelation in and of itself. So much time, energy and effort has been spent trying to find, identify and speculate on the probable existence of other life forms in our Universe, that we failed to see the evidence of ET intervention that has already unfolded right beneath our very eyes. The historical record is here for anyone to see. Holy Scripture eerily and conclusively provides all the evidence we need to identify the alien/ET presence already amongst us. We need look no further than in the two most popular books on the planet: the Bible and the Koran.

Yes, it is still important to scan the heavens for the existence of extrasolar planets. There is no task more worthy than to peer into the depths of the physical universe to record, photograph, catalog and behold the magnificence, beauty and deep mystery of the billions of stars, planets and galaxies in existence. There is no task more honorable and more necessary than endlessly searching, both intellectually and spiritually, for a greater comprehension of ourselves and our purpose in the Universe. Education and the achievement of higher consciousness has always been the guiding light in the search for truth, clarity and understanding within every human endeavor to date. The payoff is intelligence, wisdom and enlightenment and the razor edge discernment that is necessary for any other inquiry or pursuit of knowledge.

In addition to the basic core texts of Holy Scripture, additional evidence can be accrued as to the relevance, circumstances and events unfolding before us in these end times. Scriptural passages referring to the fact that 'many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased', is widely evidenced today as we witness all the cars, trains, buses and planes crisscrossing the planet. The exponential increase in knowledge and information is obvious to anyone with access to a computer terminal. Scriptural passages referring to a coming "mark of the beast", where every single man, woman and child on Earth, rich and poor alike, will receive a mark so as to be able to buy and sell, is another scriptural confirmation of the authenticity and foretold events of Holy Scripture. The rise and domination of a coming BEAST government on Earth ruled over by a dictatorial Christ-like figure (the Anti-Christ) is quickly externalizing and coming to fruition now in our lifetimes. Prophetical warnings of famines, plagues, earthquakes and pestilences increasing in frequency, magnitude and duration is occurring now as Holy Scripture has predicted and proclaimed.

These and many other passages and proclamations in Holy Scripture not only help confirm the legitimacy and authority of the Word of God, they resolutely prove and corraborate the fact that a highly advanced interdimensional, extraterrestrial presence and civilization is intimately involved in the evolutionary affairs of Mankind.

'As God so created the heavens and the earth' confirms that a cosmic Creator is in our midst, so too does it also validate the reality that an ultra advanced life form, beyond the scope and comprehension of the human mind, has brought our world (and all life on it) into existence out of the deep bowels, loneliness and lifelessness of space. This is a Creator of such magnitude that He can create and terraform planets and bring whole star systems and galaxies into existence where there were none before. This is a Creator who can engineer and manufacture the very fabric of life into existence, where formally there is only inanimate matter. This is a being of such high celestial renown that He can traverse the boundaries of 3rd dimensional space and time to actually foresee and direct the future evolutionary trajectory of His creatures and creations.

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Supreme Creator who resides as LORD above it, is a Type 4 civilizational life form so highly advanced and evolved in knowledge, ability, wisdom and brilliance that those of us belonging to a relatively lowly Type 0 civilization can hardly begin to fathom, let alone behold, the magnificence, glory and grandeur of such an actualization. Such a highly exalted status is found all throughout Holy Scripture and is probably THE central tenet that confirms that an extraterrestrial/alien presence is among us. Since man was created in God's image, this Creator is, by definition, our 'Heavenly Father' in the strictest, most profound and truest sense of the word. By extrapolation, Mankind is this Creator's starseed, if you will, and the progenitor of all life on Earth as we know it according to Holy Scripture.

I surmise that the world's scientific community comprised of astrophysicists, astrobiologists, exobiologists and theoretical cosmologists are beginning to quietly come to the conclusion that the plant, animal and mammalian flesh and blood physical life on this planet are most likely not the only life forms that exist in this Universe. Life forms made out of silicon, for example, may live and procreate in ways we can hardly envision. Perhaps there are symbiotic creatures who draw their sustenance and evolutionary potential through the interdimensional color and light spectrums of distant star systems. Through the study of UFO's, paranormal realms and fallen angelic apparitions here on Earth, we are already aware of the fact that there are invisible, interdimensional beings in existence on this planet. These higher lifeforms are non-physical manifestations of light, consciousness and intelligence, primarily inhabiting the astral, hyperdimensional planes of reality all around us. Holy Scripture corraborates their existence, as well as the supremacy of the highly advanced Type 4 civilization that has revealed itself throughout the time line of human history as well as into our projected future.

The myriad of life forms and civilizations occupying the known Cosmos must be breathtakingly stunning. In fact, the universe is so large that whatever the human mind could ever dream of must exist somewhere, in some place, in the far flung regions of infinity. The very concept of infinity itself signifies a limitless, unconfined, wild and profoundly exquisite realm of possibilities for the creation, variety and multifarious levels of consciousness, intelligence and being that must, by definition, thoroughly populate the Universe. As with the first astronaut to look back on the Earth from space, so too is the human species a means through which the Universe can look upon, examine and behold itself in all its splendor. Perhaps this is the essential purpose of life and the central impulse that brought us into existence. Perhaps there is purpose in the establishment of righteousness, truth, justice and meaning in a world that has fallen out of grace with its prime directive as established and proclaimed throughout the scriptural record of Earthly intervention. Perhaps there is a predilection towards living holy, righteous, upright lives in a fallen world where every degree of free will, despotism and debauchery now flourishes. It seems we have been given a way out of our current earthly trials and tribulations with the advent of a redemptive Christ figure, if we so choose. Those who do choose well will gain access to the many mansions above to no end. Those who refuse shall be confined to the prisons below to live out the punishment of their sorrows and devolutionary impulses.

Here the human species has been established, on one of trillions upon trillions of planets that must pervade the known Cosmos. Here on Earth is the drama of human and planetary evolution to higher consciousness, intelligence, and enlightenment progressing and unfolding. In these heightened evolutionary times, there is a heavenly conflict being played out on Earth between Lucifer and his fallen heavenly host and the Kingdom of Heaven from which these hyperdimensional beings originated. This is an angelic war in the heavens, one being played out through the human species and the planet on which he resides. For the purposes of progressive evolution and advancement, as well as the establishment of divine truth from above, so does this conflagrational clash unfold in 3rd dimensional space/time on the battlefield that is Earth.

The confrontation between the two interdimensional kingdoms has been ongoing since the beginning of time, yet in these last and evil days before the Judgement, the battle is going to reach a fever pitch. Terrestrial forces commanded by the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, are sure to take the side of Lucifer and his fallen angelic forces. Interdimensional antigravitic craft, weapons and warfare are sure to be deployed in front line battle array when the coming and much dreaded extraterrestrial invasion from the Kingdom of Heaven finally descends to Earth. The primary reason, though, for building and engaging terrestrial forces has been, and will continue to be, the edict to ultimately turn Mankind against his Creator. On this note, the fallen angelic forces have largely succeeded.

One possible scenario that could unfold could be that as opposing terrestrial forces are lined up in the Valley of Megiddo in northern Israel to conduct a global battle between themselves in the not to distant future, the Kingdom of Heaven will make its long awaited and highly prophesized intervention. When this occurs, dialectically opposed terrestrial forces and the dark (and light) interdimensional forces who overshadow them, will unite to confront and do battle against the new common enemy- what they will perceive as an extraterrestrial threat and invasion of Earth and its sovereignty from above.

Of course, the war will be decisively won by the incoming ET invaders, hands down, despite the fact that Lucifer and his fallen angelic host have engaged a large portion of the human will, energy and resources of civilization and the planet to help them do battle against this most lethal alien invasion from on high.

However the battle plays out though, one thing is for sure, the coming extraterrestrial invasion- known in Holy Scripture as Judgement Day- will be a monumental and pinnacle event in the evolutionary affairs of Mankind. It will bring celestial values and laws down to Earth and establish them here for all time.

Although the majority of humanity today are fascinated by the multidimensional sightings and apparitions of UFO's, craft and alien visitor dictates purportedly from other stars and star systems, this extraterrestrial presence must be put in its proper context. All of them are either dark or light demonic angelic beings, energies and levels of consciousness externalizing themselves into our 3rd dimensional space/time continuum for the sole purpose of deceiving, manipulating, brainwashing and cunningly harnessing the human mind, heart and life force to ultimately do the will of Lucifer, the chief of the fallen angelic host.

The Kingdom of Heaven, as a counter extraterrestrial force, remains dialectically opposed to these demonic interventions, yet allows them to play out their schemes for the purposes of evolving and devolving souls under the caption and law of free will. Free will allows both humans and angels to decide whether they wish to ascend to heaven or descend into hell. Those of heavenly demeanor and resonance will find a home in paradise. Those whose frequency and manner resonate on the lower base instincts of sin and lawlessness will find their abode in hell. Heavenly beings will not and cannot enter hell and hellish beings will not and cannot enter heaven. All beings will enter their respective spheres based on who and what they truly are.

Anyone who has studied the Holy Scriptures deeply should now come to the conclusion that the Kingdom of Heaven is obviously ET. The same goes for Lucifer and his fallen angelic host who have done, and are continuing to do, so much damage to the human species and to the Earth. An alien/extraterrestrial kingdom or civilization is deeply and profoundly involved in the affairs and destiny of the human race. Holy Scripture prophesizes future events and the heavenly battle that will be waged at the end of days. The purposes and intent of this entire cosmic drama are beyond any true terrestrial interpretation, yet speculation based on available evidence is apropos.

What an incredible discovery and revelation it is to finally come to the realization that the historical canon of all Holy Scripture (Torah, Gospel, Koran), provides all the evidence necessary for confirming the rational and scientific existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence in our Universe. This recognition and unveiling, in and of itself, represents a radical quantum shift in human consciousness within every conceivable level of professional endeavor the human enterprise is engaged in on Earth today, spanning the entire spectrum from the pulpit to the laboratory. I can think of no other comparable, previous or historical paradigm shift as profound as this.

Thus said, all eyes must turn to the unfolding events that lie immediately ahead. There is much trouble, tribulation, pain and suffering on the horizon and in the wings in the days ahead as the two dialectically opposed celestial kingdoms of good and evil prepare for the final showdown. A decisive, swift and terrible day of vengeance and retribution comes quickly and just who shall be able to stand?